Ride with Ryan                                   Mountain Bike School

  Orangeville, in the Headwater Hills                                     Kids Camps~Lessons~Cycling tours~Race team        

We have a very talented youth squad, and a very helpful group of masters racers. We have a great group of coaches that our from the area, of various levels of experience. We will be attending the Ontario Cu[p MTB series presented by Superfly racing, Substance Race projects Marathon and their Ontario gravel series, as well as you can also find us at 24 hour and 8 hour events presented by Chico racing.  

We will also be at Paris to Ancaster (P2A) in full force with lots of riders and racers in every category! Hope to see you at the finish line, where we will have treats and beverages for all Cycling Elements friends and family.

Send us a message for more info on how to join our race team, 

We will be posting on our social media about team events and news.  Stay tuned....